My teaching practices are centered on active and inquiry-based learning. During the academic year, I teach in the School of Mathematics at Georgia Tech. During the summer, I teach at MathILy-Er, a summer program for high school students.

Courses at Georgia Tech

S244032 Combinatorial Analysis
F231711 Finite Mathematics

Courses at Rutgers

F21, S21123 Prep for Calculus
F20351 Abstract Algebra (TA)
Su20454 Combinatorics
F19, S19251 Linear Algebra (TA)
F18, F17152 Calculus II
S18151 Calculus I


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Spring 2024: Math 4032 Combinatorial Analysis

This course is run in a primarily inquiry-based format, so classes consist of groupwork, presentations, and student-driven class discussions. In addition to combinatorial methods and thinking, the emphasis is on mathematical communication, both written and oral. A list of topics is:

  • enumeration (set and integer partitions, counting functions, binomials, bijective and combinatorial proofs, generating functions)
  • probabilistic methods and random graphs
  • extremal combinatorics (Ramsey theory, extremal graph theory, chains and antichains in posets)
  • linear algebraic methods