My research is in discrete mathematics, mainly extremal and probabilistic combinatorics as well as intersections of combinatorics and statistical physics.


My collaborators have included Bhargav Narayanan, Stijn CambieBradley McCoy, Stephan Wagner, Charlie CarlsonEwan DaviesNicolas FraimanAlexandra Kolla, Aditya Potukuchi, Quentin DubroffAntónio Girão, Eoin Hurley, Megan Owen, Ella PavlechkoKatherine St. John, Alana HuszarErin McNicholas, and Colin Starr.



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Recent Talks/Visits

Bonus: here are some pictures from places I’ve been

Videos of Talks

On Algorithms for the Ferromagnetic Potts Model on Expanders:

  • an hour-long plenary talk for the Student Symposium in Combinatorics, aimed at a general audience
    Youtube link

On Tower Gaps in Multicolour Ramsey Numbers:

  • a 50-minute talk for the Iowa State University Discrete Math Seminar
    Youtube link

On Reconstructing Random Pictures:

  • a 20-minute talk for the Graduate Student Combinatorics Conference, aimed at a general audience.
    Youtube link

On Simplicial Homeomorphs and Trace-Bounded Hypergraphs:

  • a 7-minute talk for the AWM We Speak Series, aimed at a general audience
    Youtube link
  • a 50-minute talk for the Oxford Discrete Math and Probability Seminar
    Youtube link

Bonus: slides from my dissertation defense