My research is in discrete mathematics, mainly extremal and probabilistic combinatorics as well as intersections of combinatorics and statistical physics.


My co-authors include Bhargav Narayanan, Stijn CambieBradley McCoy, Gunjan Sharma, Stephan Wagner, Quentin DubroffAntónio Girão, Eoin Hurley, Charlie Carlson, Ewan DaviesNicolas FraimanAlexandra Kolla, Aditya Potukuchi, Maria Anaya, Olga Anipchenko-Ulaj, Aisha Ashfaq, Joyce Chiu, Mahedi Kaiser, Max Ohsawa, Megan Owen, Ella Pavlechko, Katherine St. John, Shivam Suleria, Keith Thompson, Alana HuszarErin McNicholas, Jeff Schreiner-McGraw, and Colin Starr.



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Recent Talks/Visits

Bonus: here are some pictures from places I’ve been

Videos of Talks

On Algorithms for the Ferromagnetic Potts Model on Expanders:

  • an hour-long plenary talk for the Student Symposium in Combinatorics, aimed at a general audience
    Youtube link

On Tower Gaps in Multicolour Ramsey Numbers:

  • a 50-minute talk for the Iowa State University Discrete Math Seminar
    Youtube link

On Reconstructing Random Pictures:

  • a 20-minute talk for the Graduate Student Combinatorics Conference, aimed at a general audience.
    Youtube link

On Simplicial Homeomorphs and Trace-Bounded Hypergraphs:

  • a 7-minute talk for the AWM We Speak Series, aimed at a general audience
    Youtube link
  • a 50-minute talk for the Oxford Discrete Math and Probability Seminar
    Youtube link

Bonus: slides from my dissertation defense