Hi! I’m a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Georgia Tech School of Mathematics, as well as a postdoctoral fellow with the Algorithms and Randomness Center (ARC).

In Spring 2025, I will be at SLMath (formerly MSRI) as a postdoctoral fellow for the semester programs in Extremal Combinatorics and Probability & Statistics of Discrete Structures.

Address:School of Mathematics
686 Cherry St NW
Atlanta, GA 30332
Office: Klaus 2111
Skiles 022

If you’re a GT student and want to know more about my Fall 4221 course, you can find a little bit of info on my Teaching page.

About Me:

My research interests are in extremal and probabilistic combinatorics and their intersections with statistical physics. I earned my mathematics PhD in 2023 from Rutgers University, under the supervision of Bhargav Narayanan. At Georgia Tech, I work with Will Perkins on problems related to counting and sampling algorithms in combinatorial/statistical physics models, as well as with Christine Heitsch on enumeration problems motivated by biology.

In my “spare time,” I perform my one-woman play Uniform Convergence at math departments around the country. I started writing it when I was an undergrad at Sarah Lawrence College where I concentrated in mathematics and theater. You can find more info about it on the Theater page.

I am also the director of MathILy-Er, a summer program for high school students where we teach (primarily) discrete math via inquiry-based instruction. Before that, I was a Lead Instructor in 2022, and before that, I was an Apprentice Instructor with {MathILy, MathILy-Er} from 2015-21. Even before that, I was the MathILy PRiME from 2014-15.

News and Upcoming Events:

Kevin Knudson and Evelyn Lamb interviewed me for their podcast, My Favorite Theorem! You can listen to my episode on Kevin’s website or on Spotify.

I was invited to review the book The Proof Stage: How Theater Reveals the Human Truth of Mathematics by Stephen Abbott. You can find my review in the February issue of MAA Math Horizons.